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Print Apple for Non-Air print Printers

Once you have the right equipment, connecting Apple products to printers that aren't Air Print compatible is simple. For $4.99, you may download Printer Pro, a cost-effective app that serves as a connection between your devices and printer.

  • When logged in, choose the "Add Printer" option in the lower left-hand corner of the app.

  • On the screen where you choose your printer, you have the choice of having the printer automatically connect to a network or adding an IP address by hand.

  • Choose to print a test page to make sure your settings are accurate.

  • Check your firewall settings once more to make sure your security isn't preventing data transfer if your print isn't clear. You can ensure that your print is properly calibrated by using the test page.

Check your IP address again to make sure it is correct if Printer Pro isn't automatically connecting to you. Additionally, confirm that the firewall settings on your computer let your device connect to your printer.

Cloud Print for Android Products

One of the simplest ways to immediately network your printer with a variety of devices, including Android and Chromebook products, is through Google's Cloud Print. The procedure is fairly easy:

  • Obtain Cloud Print from the Google Play app store and install it on your computer.

  • A list of nearby networked Wi-Fi printers will be available when you access Cloud Print's settings.

  • Make a connection with your preferred printer.

  • To print saved photographs from Drive, use Gallery or select "Print" from the drop-down menu on your browser.

You also have alternatives when connecting a printer that isn't already set up with Cloud Print, or what Google refers to as "classic" printers. The operating system gap between your device and your printer can be filled with third-party software, like GitHub's Google Cloud Print connector.

Print from B&N Nook

Printing from your Nook is made simple by downloading Printer On. With this program, you can easily view and print web pages, PDFs, pictures, documents, and more on any Wi-Fi printer connected to your Nook. This is what you require:

  • Visit the Nook App Store to get the app.

  • Choose a printer. In order to find the printer, you're looking for, you have a number of options, including GPS, keyword search, and location-based search.

If you're having trouble getting Printer On to work with your Wi-Fi printers, make sure your printer is connected via Wi-Fi in the location where you searched. Your Nook may become lost if your GPS or keyword search doesn't steer it in the right direction. Additionally, if you use Printer On for business purposes, the app might be password-protected to guard against data theft.


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